Wedding Photography: Dr. Zeba & Dr. Aseem

The Story of Zeba & Aseem ……. Contd from their Pre-Wedding

Finally the day arrived when our couple Dr. Zeba & Dr. Aseem would tie the knots and enter the most beautiful phase of one’s life. Yes, their wedding was a two-day grand celebration of love, which took place in the Thane city of Mumbai.


The wedding planning was perfect to every detail making it a pleasure to attend it. Gaining trust and confidence of the couple from their pre-wedding shoot we really had a comfortable approach to their wedding. We received thorough co-operation from the couple during the wedding shoot and actually our presence did not disturb anybody. We enjoyed thoroughly in shooting this wedding.

When the day arrived to deliver the wedding album and other freebies. We took everone by surprise and delighted everyone with our fast service and delivered more than committed, which her entire family appreciated. Finally, her family appointed us as their ‘Family Photographer’. We thank Zeba & Aseem and her entire family for all their love and support.

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