Wedding Photography  FAQ's

Hi, this page consists of a compiled list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

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Q) What is Candid Wedding Photography? Can you explain in detail?

Ans : A Candid photography is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance i.e. a photographer photographing his subjects without making them posing for shots. It involves the photographer moving around for emotions, smiles, happenings and memories. In short, they hunt & capture moments that happen in the wedding without interfering and making the guests/family/bride & groom to pose. A skilled candid photographer work around with stealth and do not interfere with natural emotions, thus resulting in capturing pure emotions and makes the picture look natural.

Q) Which Camera or Lenses will you use for Photographing my wedding?

Ans: We generally use Full Frame Cameras and Fast Prime and Professional grade lenses along with Off-Camera Flash, Remote Lightings, Stands, Tripods and chargeable Batteries.

Q) Where are you based and are you open to Travel?

Ans: We are based in Mumbai …….. and Yes we are open to travel PAN India.

Q) Do you do ‘Destination Weddings’?

Ans: Yes, we do Destination Weddings.

Q) Do you provide partial wedding day coverage?

Ans: No, we do not.

Q) How many hours of wedding coverage will be done by you?

Ans: Since, we believe that Weddings don’t run as per the schedule. So, trust us to be at your Wedding as long as we are needed.

Q) I have a downtime between events on my wedding day. Will I be charged for that downtime?

Ans: For a large number of reasons, we have to charge for the time between the events.

Q) What about the quality of Wedding Albums?

Ans: Your Wedding Album is printed using the finest materials and production techniques by a World leading printing company, thus bringing you a product of highest quality.

Q) How many Photos do you provide per wedding?

Ans: On an average we generally provide 200-300 images from a wedding day, which will suffice you to relive your wedding day.

Q) Do you edit the wedding photos?

Ans: Yes we do edit the images which are delivered to you.

Q) Do you backup our wedding images?

Ans: Yes we do backup your images for 7 months from your Wedding day.

Q) How long will it take to deliver me the Wedding Album?

Ans: On an average we deliver your final edited wedding photos within 3 weeks from your wedding day, upon finalizing the images we do deliver the Wedding Album within another 2 weeks thereon.

Q) Do you have any Wedding Packages to choose from?

Ans: Yes, we do have Wedding Packages. We also design custom wedding packages if requested.

Q) Do you have past clients as references?

Ans: Yes, we definitely have and you can read their testimonials too.

Q) What is your Payment schedule?

Ans: 25% of the package value (Booking deposit) for securing your date, 50% before one week of Wedding Day and balance 25% before final delivery.

Q) Is the Booking deposit refundable?

Ans: We regret that it is non-refundable.

Q) Will my Wedding Pictures and Videos be used in your website for Social Media promotions?


Ans: We may use the images for promoting the works of Art and Creativity and make your wedding grand, thus inspiring other marrying couples. If you do not wish to get your photos promoted, then please do let us know we will work it out.